To give everyBODY a clean super food in every bite. 

#KeepitClean #ingredientsmatter


We remain true to the roots of our founder's inspiration in all of our 32 Keep Healthy bars.

While living and working in Abu Dhabi, Keep Healthy’s founder Ron Sowa was introduced to the ancient tradition of sharing dates on social occasions. Ron was amazed to learn that this gracious hospitable act had a hidden surprise - dates are a SOUPED up super food, loaded with essential nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.

Ron's very first snack bars used dates as the core ingredient and still do so today. The New York Original Date Bar is just as it was - delicious and nutritious.

Today the Keep Healthy team is inspired every day to #KeepitClean because #ingredientsmatter. 

Take a bite today.