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We Have Your Date Right Here

Egyptians were known to be the first to use dates to make wine. We've come a long way over thousands of years to create our New York Original Date Bars. The real reason we love dates isn't the wine or the storied tradition of offering dates to guests when the come to your home. 

Smart Cooky published 10 great things about dates - we think they're SUPER.

  1. Lowers cholesterol - low in fat
  2. Protein Rich
  3. Rich in vitamins
    1. B1
    2. B2
    3. B3
    4. B5
    5. A
    6. C
  4. Improves bone health
  5. Strengthens the nervous system
  6. Rich in iron
  7. Promotes digestion
  8. Improves skin
  9. Fixes Hangovers
  10. Assist in weight gain when you need it

You can enjoy this fabulous super food in our line of New York Original Date Bars. 

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   |  Updated: July 19, 2016

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