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See What Our Customers
Have To Say

"I'm diabetic with a sweet tooth. This hits the spot when I need something sweet."

- Linda C.

Apple Cinnamon Bars
"Delicious and good amount of protein."

- Cindy T.

Quick & Bonuses
"I order from them a lot. They were nice enough to include a full samples box this time. This definitely helps get more people into it. My friends are liking these when i give out samples. Hoping they start making more organic low glycemic flavors without chocolate!"

- Tino V.

Great taste
"Love the product, with minimally added sugar and helps substitute for other higher sugar snacks I’ve used in the last. One constructive request would be to add some protein similar to the brownie bar."

- Michael C.

Great option for gluten, nut and soy free protein bar
"This is the only protein bar I’ve found that is gluten, nut, and soy free. Tastes great."

- JoEll R.