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low glycemic snacks for school

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There is concern about the children’s lunch: We need to think about low glycemic snacks and vegan snacks, attractive for the little ones, avoiding the sameness and very caloric options, making harmonic combinations, practical, fast and nutritious.


Tips for preparing the lunchbox with snack bars:

  • If it is a thermal lunch box, leave it inside the refrigerator the night before, so the bag keeps the temperature of the food longer;
  • Sanitize the lunch box daily, thus avoiding accumulation of food debris and unpleasant odors;
  • It is important to involve your child in the process of assembling the lunch box, ask for their opinion and help to arouse interest in healthy and balanced food;
  • The fruits of the season have fewer pesticides and are usually cheaper. Prefer the ones that can be consumed in bark or easy to peel (like banana), since most of them lose vitamins and oxidize (looks dark) when cut. Fruits and vegetables are important because they are nutritious and their colors make the snack more attractive and fun;
  • To vary the beverage options, fresh mineral water helps to create the habit of drinking enough water throughout the day and, coconut water can be a good alternative to juices instead;
  • The ideal is to prepare the natural juice at the time of leaving home. In the absence of time to prepare, one idea is to freeze the liquid in ice packs and, when arranging the lunch box, place the cubes in the child’s thermos bottle. The drink will defrost gradually until snack time. The juice can be stored for months inside the freezer;
  • For food hygiene and health, make sure you send the snack inside the lunch box, leaving food away from the other supplies the child is taking to school;
  • The snack bars and protein bars offered by Keep Health are the good option.





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