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Organic Low Glycemic Protein Bars

Organic Low Glycemic Protein Bars

There's a common misconception that protein bars have to be "macho" and "manly" to be effective. Somewhere in the muddled history of their production, it became the "in thing" for protein bars to be manufactured with all sorts of wacky ingredients, like egg whites, whey powder (made from unwanted scraps of milk and cheese - yum), and scary-sounding "bulking agents".

Even worse, some protein bars make up for the unpleasant taste of these ingredients by packing them full of sugars and sweeteners - which means that in many cases, they aren't healthy for you at all. Ironically, some studies even found that a number of these bars are so high in the bad stuff that they're essentially just candy bars in disguise - just with an extra protein hit.

Protein Bars, The Right Way

Our organic low glycemic bars contain the friendly sort of protein. All our ingredients have been sourced with organic means, and are plant-based, so there's nothing to shudder or feel slightly "yuck" about. They're also super healthy, as we don't pack our snacks full of sugar, artificial sweeteners, or anything with a funny name you can't pronounce.

Being organic and low glycemic doesn't mean our bars are boring. They're bursting with flavor - and we don't just choose the obvious ingredients like peanut butter! In our treats, you'll find the likes of sea salt, natural vanilla, sunflower butter, coconut nectar, and other completely natural flavorings. They also contain up to 15 grams of protein per bar, so they do the job they're intended for.

Every protein bar that we sell is organic, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, non-GMO, free of artificial sugar, sweeteners and preservatives, and recently, certified Orthodox Union Kosher, so they really do tick all the boxes (not that they like to boast about it). And by the way, being healthy doesn't mean being traditional - some of our most delicious flavors include Banana Nut, Sea Salt Brownie, Apple Cinnamon, and Chocolate Protein.

Low Glycemic - What's That All About?

One of the favorite "healthy" diets of today is the keto diet, a slightly depressing eating plan that sees you cutting out all forms of carbs and sugar and replacing them with protein and healthy fats. Scary stuff!

Our organic low glycemic protein snacks have a different focus: they're for people who prefer to follow a low GI eating plan. These people don't believe in cutting out carbs entirely, but follow a clever ranking system for carbs based on their effect on blood sugar levels. Much more manageable in our eyes.

Simple Snacking for a Fulfilling Life

Should you ever try to make your own protein bar at home, expect maximum difficulty. More than likely, you'll end up with peanut butter all over your worktops, a broken blender, protein powder on your walls, and a distinctly unimpressive end result. Who's got time for that?

If you live a life of high activity and fairly high stress, do yourself a favor and enjoy low effort snacking. Having a healthy, organic low glycemic protein bar or two tucked away in your cupboards will help you to make the right decision, free of guilt, when the hunger hits. And, yes - you're free to eat another if you simply can't resist. Your body will love you for it.


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Written by Laura Shallcross c/o Keep Healthy Inc

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