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Getting Back To Nature In 2017

There are so many things one could plan to do in the New Year. Some people love to make a New Year's Resolution, others hate it and others love to hate it and still do it. Which bucket do you fall into? Tweet us @keephealthyinc and let us know.

This list of 29 New Year's Resolution Ideas is a great place to start. Our #1 pick is idea # 12 Spend More Time In Nature .

"Humans were not made to be cooped up inside all day. Spending time in nature makes you happier, it boosts your immune system, and it even makes you more creative. Resolve that next year you’ll be spending more time outside (and just opening the windows more often doesn’t count)." - Marelisa


The team @keephealthyinc believes the same benefits apply to putting what nature gives us in our bodies. The results are the same - our bodies feel great, our immune systems work better and our minds are more productive. In 2017 here at Keep Healthy we will continue to Keep It Clean because #ingredientsmatter.

What are you waiting for - take a bite!

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