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We Challenge You To Make A Plan

No, it’s not awareness we need—it’s an action plan that makes healthy eating easier to accomplish. 

- What You Eat Affects Your Productivity, Harvard Business Review


The team at Keep Healthy wholeheartedly agrees. 

Like any typical professional in the United States I get the mid-afternoon munchies. My pace slows down, its harder to focus, and I crave sweet and salty snacks. It's the WORST.

Inevitably I reach for things that aren't satisfying so the hunger persists. I go through this cycle again between 4 and 5PM. So I started to make a plan and it's working.

    1. 5:30AM breakfast - high in protein, eggs on a rice cake (I keep the carbs low)
    2. 10:00AM snack - since joining Keep Healthy I've switched my snack from a high protein bar made with no less than 40 ingredients and chemicals to 1/2 of a Keep Healthy Low Glycemic Protein Sea Salt Brownie Bar. 
    3. NOON lunch - usually a yogurt with fruit and granola or a salad with protein hold the dressing - (again keeping the carbs low)
    4. 2:00PM - snack the remaining half of my AWESOME Keep Healthy Low Glycemic Protein Sea Salt Brownie Bar.  If it's cold out I switch to a cup of tea and the Low Glycemic Protein Lemon Zest Bar.
    5. 6:30 dinner - my dinner usually consists of some combination of the following: salad, cottage cheese, rice cakes, hummus, fish or beans.

I never eat after 9PM. 

The most important part of my plan is that my bars are always with me. I have a box at my desk, bars in my briefcase and bars in my car.

My advice is to make taking care of yourself in smart, easy, small steps a priority in 2017.

-Jennifer S. Pool CMO

You can #KeepitClean @keephealthyinc where #ingredientsmatter

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