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We love chocolate

Here at Keep Healthy we make sure every bite is delicious even while we #KeepitClean. Chocolate is by far our favorite ingredient. We can wax poetic about chocolate all day - of course while we're eating chocolate. However we thought these 9 benefits of the tasty treat as listed below summed it up quite nicely.  

Thanks to Woman's Health Magazine for sharing!

  1. Healthier heart
  2. Help your weight loss regime
  3. Happier kids - no kidding - but did you know why?
  4. Diabetes prevention - say what?
  5. Reduced stress
  6. Sun protection
  7. Higher intelligence
  8. Cough relief
  9. Diarrhea relief

Take a bite! #KeepitClean @keephealthyinc where #ingredientsmatter

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